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It is essential for a company in the MICE tourism industry to be able to deal with the different needs and expectations of clients with exceedingly complex projects in order to materialize their objectives into the most accurate scenarios.

Challenge: Accomplish regionalization, planification, logistics, operations and agenda management of staff training for 12,100 people in 65 consecutive events around the Mexican Republic during 3 months.

The client’s principal objective is to give financial services to the population’s popular sector (specially traders and housewives) in Mexico and Latin America, acting as a bank specialized in micro finances. This is achieved through a pyramid system, generating a sales force that is constantly growing. Every year, this sales force, scattered through all the country, receives training to reinforce their knowledge, mistic and abilities to improve client’s service.

BTC managed the regionalization of all the client’s offices in Mexico (approximately 500 offices), and organized 65 consecutive events during 3 months, securing transportation, accommodation and coordination of approximately 12,100 people, without any major incidents reported.

Apart from having the support of a highly capacitated team, the client was integrally involved in every aspect of the groups, from organizational to budgetary, through a personalized online platform created specifically for this project, constantly updated with every detail and process of each of the events and activities.

Thus, BTC achieved excellence during the training of groups for the fourth year in a row.


Personalized service is such a cliche expression to include in companies' resume that it is always given for granted. That is why exceeding expectations of personalized service during any process of the clients’ planification and execution is a must for the MICE tourism companies. Client’s satisfaction must be part of every step of logistics and operating within the industry.

Golden Circle

Pepsico’s top 80 sales winners were taken on a special treat to Toronto City.

When a company rewards collaborators for their hard work, very special treat for personnel is in order. BTC offered a high standard service, overcoming the top sales winners expectatives every day, completely leveraging every responsibility from the client. From filing for the 80 canadian visa applications to taking them to the Blue Jays Stadium for an epic beisbol match, the needs and incidentals of each one of them were taken care of, making them feel like home outside their country.

Pepsico, being a transnational, structured and strict client, certainly had top service expectations. Satisfying the client required to go to full extend of BTC staff’s capabilities, and even making extraordinary efforts in aggregated values in favor of the client’s satisfaction, creating a long term relationship. This is why BTC can proudly accept “perfect” score in service evaluation and the satisfaction to keep working with an amazing client.


Technological innovation has transformed the media, processes and tools with which every industry performs their daily activity. MICE tourism industry certainly has evolved hand in hand with technology, improving efficiency and excellence in service. Companies must mold their tech potential in order to adapt it to each of their clients’ needs.

Challenge: BTC was requested to develop a last minute APP

A client had a problem with the development of an App because his tech provider couldn’t deliver in time for the congress, so he asked BTC for support in order to carry out his commitment to sponsors and the assistants’ expectatives, when he had already promoted the App for the congress, which was due in 2 weeks.

Our Technology department accepted the challenge and engaged in the App development putting together available information and managing the official permits necessary at the same time they programmed, in order to elaborate the tool and accomplish the client’s commitment.

This tool was delivered successfully as an express project; even when the Technology department felt their work could have been way better if they have had a little more time, the client was delighted and grateful.

Active Partnership

There are unlimited chances for MICE specialized companies to grow in any industry they chose, as well as the challenge to get everything right at the first attempt and the need to have the necessary knowledge to affront any unplanned events with professionalism and efficiency.

Challenge: Re-organize a 2,000 people congress in a few days

After an excellent bidding process, BTC won an international congress for Mexico on the industrial manufacturing sector, which was carefully planned for 4 years. The chosen venue was the ideal place for this industry: Monterrey. But due to the national security problems the city had at the time of the upcoming event, the international association of the congress decided it wasn’t safe anymore. So, Mexico was told they had 30 days to find an alternative or they would lose the congress to another country. BTC proposed Cancun, a venue that fulfilled the international needs of space, transport, connectivity and attractive for assistants, which was accepted by the international committee.

BTC transformed the project from Monterrey to Cancun. A new financial planification was developed to cover the requirements of the congress, client and venue. The change was complete: practically, a whole new event logistics were planned. In only days, BTC had everything ready to receive 2,000 assistants. The congress was a complete success; new products were developed, innovation was achieved in several aspects, mainly technological, and general expectations were exceeded. The international committee was delighted, as well as the national client, who was grateful for the success.

At the same time, BTC had another challenge to deal with: the International Association of Congress Organizers chose this congress for inspection, with which BTC received IAPCO’s official certification.


The fast never-ending evolution all global industries are experiencing nowadays requires MICE experts to be constantly innovating their processes and services to keep updated with the needs of customers and the market in general.

The importance of doing everything right from the first time and accomplish efficiency in all aspects of organization of congresses, events, conferences, and other activities of the MICE tourism industry goes hand in hand with the adaptation of technology into the functions of all members who are dedicated to the sector.

BTC is the only company in the industry that has an internal department of technology development, and has invested heavily in the development of tools that provide instant information. Regardless of location, to suit the needs and timing of each client.

Green Meetings Sustainability event planning

In BTC we are well aware of the impact MICE industry has on society and the environment, and the constantly growing consciousness that exists around taking care of them. So, we decided to implement a Corporate Social Responsibility culture, through which we have acquired commitment with society, the environment and economic viability.

We started operating Green Meetings (or Ecomeetings) to reduce the ecological impact generated through all of the industry’s activities. This isn’t matter of fashion or trend, but a consequence of our responsibility as a company that bears Mexico’s name internationally in order to promote it as a potential destiny for MICE industry.

This sense of commitment is permeated in every level of BTC’s organization; this way, and taking advantage of our profession’s nature, we can transmit the importance of adopting this CSR culture to our commercial partners, involving them in activities that influence their behaviour, which will help expand responsible culture through networking.